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How Do You Find A Reliable Roofing Company In Your Area?

No one wants to hire someone unqualified or unreliable for a big job, especially not for something as important as your roof. Whether you need immediate repairs or want to assess the state of your roofing, it’s always essential to ensure that anyone you bring in for the job won’t leave you (or your roof) worse off in the long run. If you’re unsure what you should look for or avoid, keep reading for more tips on choosing the right roofing contractor.

Ask Your Friends and Neighbors

Word-of-mouth is often a great way to find someone reputable when you need an expert. While some recommendations may be hard to find depending on what services you need, it’s safe to say that almost everyone you know at least lives under a roof–and that’s a great first place to start. Before you go online and use your favorite search engine, look around your neighborhood for any homes with recent roof work. If you remember seeing a neighbor having roofing work done in the past few years, consider them a source for a contractor.

Once you’ve got your list compiled, reach out to everyone and see how their experiences were. Are they happy with the result? Would you hire that contractor again? Getting someone’s personal testimony or word of warning will give you a better, more accurate sense of what you can expect. Those you talk to may recommend companies or individuals but once you have honest feedback, you can be a little more confident when making your decision.

Check Their References

Who you know is as important as what you know. If a close friend or trusted family member recommends a professional for a service, you will probably be more likely to trust the company or individual. You will, however, want to further qualify your selected contractors. When working with any roofer, always ask for references. If they’re a local contractor, they should be able to provide recent references that will give you a good understanding of the type of work they’ve done and how it aligns with your needs.Recommendations can provide a lot of helpful information in addition to someone’s glowing praise. Some reviews may discuss whether they went over budget and how long the project took to complete. This information, along with reviews you find online, will help you make your decision more confidently. If you ever have questions, you may also want to contact their references for more clarity.

Check Reviews

Online reviews can help expand your reference and word-of-mouth base when searching for a roofing company in the greater Hilton Head area. Also check, Google, NextDoor, and Yelp are a few options for checking out the general sentiment toward someone’s work. As one of the highest-rated roofing companies in Beaufort and Jasper Counties, South Carolina, JW Roofing consistently provides superior service.

Verify Their Licenses and Insurance

With any project requiring a contractor, always make sure they have insurance. Everyone who offers their services may not carry insurance, but any legitimate roofing company will have insurance for itself and any employees, which gives you protection. You may be liable if you hire a contractor without insurance and someone is injured while working on your home or property. Fully insured roofing contractors prevent this scenario on your property and avoid potential headaches.

Always verify that your contractor has Worker’s Compensation and General Liability insurance. These two types of insurance help protect you from liability. You’ll want any contractor your hire to have at least $1 million in coverage for both types of insurance. Working with someone insured with less than this amount of coverage could mean you assume any risk that may come along with less protection for you. This rule of thumb goes for contractors and any subcontractors they may hire for a job. If you’re not sure if subcontractors are working on your roof, ask and then verify they have both types of insurance.

Don’t Choose Based on Price Alone

Everyone enjoys saving money, especially on something as costly as roof repair or replacement. Despite what your wallet might tell you now, solely choosing a roofing contractor based on a quote can be expensive down the line. When considering your budget and your roof’s scope of work, research the average price for a job similar in size to yours. As you figure these details into your decision, remember to keep reviews and experience in mind.


Choosing a reliable roofing company to work on your roof doesn't have to feel like a gamble. Working with an experienced roofing company like JW Roofing will ease your mind and give you the results you demand. Reach out to us at to learn more about how our services will work best for you.

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