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Do you Need a New Roof? We offer FREE Roof Inspections.

A worn or damaged roof can be upgraded or repaired. An old roof doesn’t need to be replaced, especially if it still within the 25-year time frame. However, there are sure signs that your roof is beyond the point of refurbishment; signs that indicate you need a new roof replacement. They include:

1. Curled shingles

Curled shingles are the result of heavy winds, excessive exposure to heat, and the passage of time. If the shingles on your roof have curled, they cannot function properly. Such shingles cannot be repaired; they must be replaced.

2. Damaged roof valleys

Roof valleys enable water to be released from your roof. If they no longer work, it can lead to the rotting out of your roof and severe water damage to the inside of your home. If you need a reliable roof repair company in the Hilton Head, South Carolina area do not hesitate to reach out.

3. Missing shingles

Missing shingles are a sign that the adhesive that used to hold them to the roof has failed. This will inevitably occur after a specific time, and it is an indication that you need to replace your roof. A bad storm will cause loose shingles to fly off the roof, which can cause damage to other homes or injury to people passing by.

Consult a professional roofing company

JW Roofing servicing all of Beaufort and Jasper Counties, South Carolina, up to Charleston, South Carolina, and down to Savannah, Georgia provide the experience and expertise required to replace your roof. Roof installation is a highly complicated and complex job. Even if you are a DIY enthusiast, it is not the kind of project you should take on.

The fundamental purpose of a roof is to protect your home from the elements. If it is not installed correctly or is installed with inferior materials, it can cause long-term problems to the interior and exterior spaces of your home.

JW Roofing offers FREE ROOF INSPECTIONS, so if you believe it is time to look at the replacement f your roof then call the experts roof company, JW Roofing, to discuss the details of purchasing a new roof structure and installing it.

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